Monday, 10 March 2014

Double Tetrahedron

Here's my current welding practice piece, made out of 1.4mm mild steel.
Having the new bench shear now allows me to cut effortlessly through this gage metal, so the thought of making a Tetrahedron came to mind.
Perfect TIG practice and a great first job for the shear. It is certainly no easy task to tack the the shapes together once they've been cut out, holding the dam things was the problem, got there in the end though.
Next step is to finish weld all the joins..... watch this space.  Did I hear someone mention gilded pin striping to finish it off?

Shrinken and a stretchen

The arrival of some well over due tools have been warmly welcomed in the shed.
8" bench shear,  shrinker / stretcher and a handy electric nibbler for chomping out metal shapes or cutting up panels.
Iam thinking the shear is my favorite so far, so handy to be able to slice through material with ease.
Here you can see how the shrinker pulled a flat piece of Ally with a radius right angle into a curve, by gathering the metal in its jaws and pulling them together.
Pretty stoked, these tools have allowed me to do more forming and welding with less fuss..... or pain.