Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ellaspede: Industrial designers, bike builders and developers, check these fellas out !

How often do we get to see new bike design concepts on our streets? iam talkin, proper concepts!In my eyes Ellaspede is a company dedicated to traditional style, mashing it with  a modern urban groove, producing bikes and accessories for the Motorcycling enthusiast who appreciates true art.
Do yourself a favour and have a look thru their Site. check out the Ellaspede 001 mad as rear end or drool over some fine bike styling accessories, perhaps some Clobber as well?..........Awesome!

Tastee Wall Art: getting ready

Its been a hectic weekend devoted to Tastee, Nat and i did some massive hours putting together more stock in preparation for the Miami Marketta Gold Coast in under two weeks,
Its only run once a month and is something else! most certainly not your typical market, held in an industrial area operated by a designer collective that has built a thriving art space and is heavily focused on supporting local artists. The monthly evening is alive with live bands , DJ's, yummo food and its always packed with smiling punters absorbing the vibe.
A couple of new wall hanging options were created over the weekend that i will post later in the week when they are finished....... ever thought of playing naughts and crosses on your wall?
stay tuned :0)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Pocket Bike: 2011

This fun little 50cc crotch rocket was introduced to the Stable in 2011 purely for promotional purposes to mimmick my work van, how i did this was by applying a digital print wrap exactly the same as the van. Heres a bunch of pics showing the wrapping process which was no easy task by any means, fun all the same and well worth the long day molding the vinyl around and into its tight curves.

Wings Over Wanaka Airshow 2002

Dad got invited to display his Ryan at the 2002 Wanaka Airshow, he asked if i would like to come along as passenger/ refueling boy which i accepted before he finished his sentence.
An approx 1000k journey broken into two days consisting of numerous fuel stops due to the Ryans short range tank, multiple cups of Tea at humble airfields, great company with our formation buddy Shane Papps in his Ryan STM and the sense of becoming at one with the Ryan and its harmonious klack of the Kinner radial engine.

Heres a handfull of pics from an unforgetable event.

Departing Ardmore Airfield, followed by one of the Airshows big bangers, a P-40

Crossing Cook Straight

Display time

International Photographers were over from their parts of the world capturing the Airshow that would have to be one of the best in the World due to the stunning location and low level displays from rare machines. Heres an early morning photo shoot, i was passenger in the Ryan STM which allowed me to grab this interesting pic of air to air photography.

I managed to snap the pic above of them while they took the below pic of us.

Those in the know will appreciate this shot and understand why i dont need to say anymore!

Flying in the Ryan with Dad

Heres some interesting pics showing my Dad and his 1942 Ryan PT-22 Air Trainer, one seriously sexy vintage aircraft admired by all and flown by few. Ive spent many joy riding hours in 853 as a passenger, camera always at the ready to capture moments so few get to experience.

Les Marshall, well respected  in the New Zealand Aviation community with over 50 years as a commercial  Top Dressing Pilot. Even though he is now retired from the industry he still remains active in the flying community and has mentored many young up and coming Pilots over the years.

Heres some Aerobatic pics

Friday, 20 April 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tastee Wall Art: come get some!

Tastee Wall Art is a project i started last year, quirky designs printed onto PVC, upholstered over a foam backing, finished in a 1950's kinda way that looks awesome hung in any environment. They make for great gifts and are only 40 bucks each. If this is your groove then pop me an email with the chosen design and i will box it up and ship it straight away.

Heres a sneak peek at the T-Shirts coming up......


Photo Shoot : Nov 2008 issue 243 Live to Ride

Live to Ride did a 3 page article on the JD.  Heres a few pics i managed to grab on the day which was not an easy task as the pedantic Photographer keep me busy moving the bike and changing locations chasing the setting sun.