Saturday, 21 April 2012

Flying in the Ryan with Dad

Heres some interesting pics showing my Dad and his 1942 Ryan PT-22 Air Trainer, one seriously sexy vintage aircraft admired by all and flown by few. Ive spent many joy riding hours in 853 as a passenger, camera always at the ready to capture moments so few get to experience.

Les Marshall, well respected  in the New Zealand Aviation community with over 50 years as a commercial  Top Dressing Pilot. Even though he is now retired from the industry he still remains active in the flying community and has mentored many young up and coming Pilots over the years.

Heres some Aerobatic pics


  1. Great photos. Last one is a bit puzzling though. Too much G must have taken the lens to the fuzzy edge of blackout.

  2. At least it was happening to the lens and not the pilot